5 Ways Gratitude Relieves Occupational Stress

'Tis the Season...

This is typically the season where there is a lot of emphasis placed on giving and being with loved ones. While spending time with loved ones and giving can be a great thing, this is also a time that can be extremely triggering, sad, and difficult for many people. It is easy to find oneself stressed and experiencing burnout during this time as well. 

For these reasons, it is important to utilize effective coping mechanisms to manage emotional responses. Thus, a practice that can be helpful for reducing stress, managing triggers, and reducing anxiety and depression is gratitude practice! 

The IAFF recently released an article discussing how to practice gratutude and the ways in which the practice can reduce stress in the work place. 

Read the full article HERE

If you, or someone you know, are experiencing difficulties, Peer Support Services are also available for your support! You can also contact Dr. Ebony Butler @ 512-974-5482 or 601-559-7886 or Dr. Marc Kruse @ 512-974-0225 for more assistance.