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Public safety personnel are at an increased risk for stress related issues, including PTSD. While PTSD is linked to trauma exposure, not everyone who experiences or is exposed to trauma will have symptoms severe enough to warrant a diagnosis of PTSD.

The Kansas City Star features a story regarding a local Firefighter that dies from cancer in 2015 entitled “As cancer deaths among firefighters soar, their families must fight for compensation

Series # 1 of a Five Part Series by the Columbus Dispatch entitled "Firefighters and Cancer – Unmasked"

NBC-DFW News report entitled "I'm Not Giving Up": Firefighters Battling Cancer & Worker's Comp Denials

An Ottowa local news article entitled “Groundbreaking research" shows Ottowa Firefighters absorb harmful chemicals through skin

The Boston Globe featured a story with video warning Firefighters of Cancer dangers

Everything Lubbock featured a story via a local News Station KAMC discussing their battles with Cancer.

The video is of a Lubbock Firefighter and his story.


The IAFF Center of Excellence issued a recent article that discussed four factors to help support the spouses of paramedics. Being the spouse of paramedics can be extremely tough and these four pointers can help build harmonious and supportive relationships.

Every September, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recognizes September as recovery month in efforts to provide education about mental and substance use disorders and bring awareness to the fact that people can and do recover!

While you are on No Duty work status (Possibly Limited Duty also, in some cases) you will receive Temporary Income Benefits (TIBS) from York, these benefits are paid on a weekly basis.


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