Our mission is to provide Austin Fire Department Personnel, both sworn and non-sworn, psychological and emotional support through pre-incident education, spousal/family support, on-scene support and demobilization intervention, post-incident discussions or one-on-one interactions.

The Peer Support Team will be comprised of department members who have been specially trained in crisis management techniques and who work in conjunction with mental health professionals who specialize in providing support to emergency service personnel.


  • To provide a system of trusted support that will aid employees in resolving situations affecting their personal and professional environments.
  • To foster the physical, emotional, and social well-being of employees.
  • To provide information about behavioral health through educational materials and resources.
  • To provide a liaison between the employee and resources available to him/her.
  • To develop and implement a Peer Support Training Program.
  • To work in conjunction with the Peer Support Teams of APD, ATCEMS, Victim Services (COA) and other agencies to promote cross-agency dissemination of training materials and opportunities, and to establish working relationships across public safety peer support members.


Prevent or reduce the potential negative impact of stress upon employees by providing emotional support, information, and assistance. Provide employees with psychological and emotional support through one-one-one discussions, pre-incident education, stress management resources, spousal/significant other support, on-scene assistance, and post-incident discussions. Assist in providing access to resources when required support is outside of the PST purview.


Complete the following online application to apply.

AFD Peer Support Team member application