Hydration Protocols

Dehydration is a serious problem among first responders and can significantly impair job performance and health. The Austin Public Safety Wellness Center has developed a protocol to minimize the effects of dehydration among fire cadets. In this section you can view the process the Austin Fire Department uses to recognize and manage fire cadet hydration.

Am I Hydrated? – Observing the color of urine is the simplest way to evaluate hydration status. This chart is used as a guideline for cadets to monitor their fluid intake.

Indexes of Hydration Status – Changes in bodyweight can also be an indicator of dehydration. A significant loss of weight from one day to the next should be noted and compared with these parameters to determine the extent of fluid loss.

Hydration Status Screening Form – In cases when dehydration has been confirmed in a cadet this screening form is filled out by the academy staff. It provides an action map of the steps to take to rehydrate based on various vital signs.

Dehydration Recovery Workout – When signs of excessive dehydration are present it is important for the cadet to rest and rehydrate as soon as possible. Participation in the regular physical training program for that day is not allowed and the cadet will complete this very light recovery session focusing on stretching and relieving muscle tension.