Licensed Resources (Texas)

Alamo Heights Counseling

A small private practice serving the greater San Antonio area. They have experience working with both first responders and members of the military. One or more of their mental health professionals are trained in trauma and EMDR. EMDR is a therapy technique that can be very beneficial in some people with PTSD or other issues stemming from trauma.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Anchor Marriage and Family Counseling Center

San Antonio, TX – Christian-based family and individual counseling center with experience treating first responders and providing EMDR.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Austin area EMDR providers [Miscellaneous]

Gary Brothers
Phone: 512-834-4141

Regan Lester Rodriguez
Phone: 512-329-0881

Bruno Lepore
Phone: 512-740-9975

Larry Oulette
Phone: 512-912-6332

Howard Lindermann
Phone: 512-420-9611

Craig Kern
Phone: 512-595-0265

Joel Wyrtzen
Phone: 512-697-9613

Tania Glenn & Associates
Phone: 512-922-4265

Tania Glenn & Associates

Tania and her colleagues provide counseling and other services for a wide variety of mental health issues, including trauma and PTSD. They have worked extensively with first responders and are familiar with the unique requirements to treat this population. They also have a Trauma Defense Team that can assist agencies in pre-planning for a traumatic event, along with responding after a traumatic event to assist in recovery.

Location: Austin, Texas

Warriors’ Heart

Specializes in a range of treatment options for first responders and military veterans. Programs include a dual diagnosis28 day inpatient program, plus outpatient and sober living programs.

Location: Bandera, Texas