Choosing who to treat with for your IOJ

When you sustain an IOJ (Injury on the Job) and you need emergency care, you should seek treatment at
any emergency facility for your immediate/urgent medical care needs.
For any follow-up care needed, because the City of Austin (Workers’ Compensation program) does not have
a “Network” of Doctors, you can choose to treat with any Doctor that will accept Workers Comp.
Do your research when choosing your Doctor and make sure he is willing to spend the time with you discussing
Treatment options.
Once you establish your Treating Doctor (TD) they can refer you to other providers as needed but they are
considered the “Gatekeeper” of sorts, for your (IOJ) medical care. Your TD can refer you for Physical
Therapy, a Specialty Doctor (Orthopedist), etc. if needed but all the referrals will report results back to your TD.
Within the first 60 days after your initial treatment, you can choose to change your TD, you would just
need to notify your York adjuster and the AFD WC Team. Any changes to your TD after the initial 60 days
requires the completion of a DWC-053 form (Employee request to change treating doctor) and must be
sent to the Texas Department of Insurance-Division of Workers’ Compensation (TDI-DWC) for approval
PRIOR to treating with your new selection of TD.