Pay and Workers’ Compensation – Part One

If you are placed on a No Duty work status for a Workers’ Compensation compensable injury, you will continue to receive your City of Austin paycheck but many things are going on behind the scenes and your participation is required in order for the issues to be handled correctly and promptly.

Once you receive the work status report/DWC-73 from your Doctor or the ER, it is your responsibility to submit a copy to the AFD Work Comp Team within 24 hours.

The City of Austin will continue to pay your full pay in advance of the temporary income benefits (TIBS) you will be receiving from York. The AFD WC team will code your timesheet as “INJ” during the time you are no duty.

If you are on no duty for more than 7 days, this is when TIBS begin to accrue and York will issue your first TIBS check by the 15th day after your lost time began. The TIBS check is yours to deposit however, keep in mind that once York reports to City payroll the amount of the TIB checks, the same amount will be deducted from your City paycheck so you may want to hold depositing the TIBS check until you see that same amount deducted from your City paycheck. This process will continue until you are released to full duty.

You may notice that deductions continue from your City paycheck for one to two pay cycles after returning to work, this is due to the difference in the City pay cycle versus when you began losing time versus when your TIBS checks were issued.

As always, you can contact the AFD WC team if you have any questions during this process.

Note: TIBS are a benefit and not a wage therefore they are not taxable. You will not receive a W-2 for TIBS received.