Pay and Workers’ Compensation – Part Two

While you are on No Duty work status (Possibly Limited Duty also, in some cases) you will receive Temporary Income Benefits (TIBS) from York, these benefits are paid on a weekly basis.

  • TIBS are paid as long as you have not previously reached MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement)
  • TIBS are figured using your AWW (Average Weekly Wage) for the thirteen weeks prior to your date of injury then X 70% of your (AWW)
  • The amount cannot exceed the maximum amount set by TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) for your date of injury

An example of how TIBS are calculated:                 

Date of injury:  10/18/2017

13 weeks of wage $45,593.19 ÷ 13 = $3,507.17

Average Weekly Wage (AWW) is $3,507.17

AWW - $3,507.17 X 70% = $2,455.02

The maximum TIB amount based on TDI for this date of injury is $913.00

The weekly TIB rate for this example is $913.00

TIBS are a benefit, not wage therefore they are not taxable. You will not receive a W2 for the amount you receive in TIBS