Physical Fitness in the Austin Fire Department Academy

The Austin Fire Department Training Academy consists of six months of physical and mental challenges. It is very important to arrive in peak physical condition in order to perform at the high level expected of all cadets.There are daily workouts that train for both strength and conditioning. These include weightlifting, stairclimbing, weighted sled pushes, running sprints, and other strenuous activities. This is in addition to the physically demanding fire skills training cadets practice daily.

It is highly recommended that incoming cadets can meet the following physical standards prior to the start of the academy

For an inside look at a typical day at the Austin Fire Department Academy you can check out the this video about life as a cadet for Austin Fire Department Class 119.

The exercise physiology team at the Austin Public Safety Wellness Center has provided this “Introduction to Strength Training” program as a resource for incoming cadets to prepare for the Austin Fire Department Academy.

Many other fitness resources can be found at the Austin Public Safety Wellness Center website.

AFD Cadet Class 119 Physical Training