Medical About Us

The Austin Public Safety Wellness Center offers a variety of services available to public safety personnel. We provide annual medical testing (spirometry, hearing, vision, EKG/Stress, and tuberculosis screening) reviewed by the medical director, Dr. Paul Parrish. Other services include lab review, case management, vaccination programs, exposure management, and health interventions.

Behavioral About Us

The Behavioral Health section of the Wellness Center is focused on promoting and preserving mental and emotional well-being. We have a range of no-cost services available to you and your family, including mental health counseling, Peer Support, & Chaplaincy. This Behavioral Health section of the website will provide you with information and resources to help you maintain optimal mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Please don't hesitate to reach out to any of us. We welcome you!

Fitness About Us

The Austin Public Safety Wellness Center provides a variety of fitness services to AFD and EMS sworn employees, all of which are free of charge.  Three full-time exercise physiologists are on staff to provide fitness assessments, health coaching, workout programming, and injury rehabilitation counseling.  The exercise physiologists are also available to visit stations and provide guidance on proper weight lifting techniques.

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