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Five Minutes of Fun Workout Program

Lack of time plays a large role in the struggle to maintain a regular exercise routine. The unpredictable schedule of first responders can make fitting in a workout even more challenging. Continuous exercise for as little as five minutes, can be beneficial to retain (and even improve) muscular strength and cardiovascular health. Dr.

Physical Fitness in the Austin Fire Department Academy

The Austin Fire Department Training Academy consists of six months of physical and mental challenges. It is very important to arrive in peak physical condition in order to perform at the high level expected of all cadets.There are daily workouts that train for both strength and conditioning. These include weightlifting, stairclimbing, weighted sled pushes, running sprints, and other strenuous activities. This is in addition to the physically demanding fire skills training cadets practice daily.

Truck Room 18 Workouts

Truckroom 18 is a workout blog created by and AFD firefighter. New workouts are uploaded almost every day and they focus on developing strength and cardiovascular endurance. Almost every exercise can be done with the equipment already in the station or it can be easily modified as needed. There are also several exercise demonstration videos for those who are unsure of how to properly execute a particular movement.



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