What Every Paramedic Spouse Should Know

The IAFF Center of Excellence issued a recent article that discussed four factors to help support the spouses of paramedics. Being the spouse of paramedics can be extremely tough and these four pointers can help build harmonious and supportive relationships. The four pointers shared in the article are: 

1) Loneliness Is to Be Expected

2) Sometimes, You'll Feel Like You Take a Backseat to Your Spouse's Crew

3) The Biggest Threats to Your Spouse's Health are Invisible

4) It's Okay to Ask for Help

Licensed Resources (Texas)

Alamo Heights Counseling

A small private practice serving the greater San Antonio area. They have experience working with both first responders and members of the military. One or more of their mental health professionals are trained in trauma and EMDR. EMDR is a therapy technique that can be very beneficial in some people with PTSD or other issues stemming from trauma.

Website: alamoheightscounseling.com/
Location: San Antonio, Texas


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