IAFF: Wellness & Fitness Initiative

Cancer is a disease that is of particular concern for members of the fire service.  To help further characterize this risk the IAFF, in response to members’ requests, has developed a cancer registry.  IAFF members or a family member can use this website to report a cancer diagnosis.  In addition to reporting cancer, members are being asked to complete the Wellness Fitness Initiative questions which will provide necessary information for the Cancer Registry as well as for the WFI efforts.

Cancer Awareness

Firefighters are routinely exposed to a variety of carcinogens and our goal with this page is to bring awareness to this issue. We have provided links to various articles; videos and Studies conducted surrounding the correlation between Firefighting and Cancer.

Warrior's Heart

Specializes in a range of treatment options for first responders and military veterans. Programs include a dual diagnosis 28 day inpatient program, plus outpatient and sober living programs.

Starlight Recovery Center

Facility that provides substance abuse and addiction treatment.  Assisting men and women reclaim their lives from addiction to alcohol and other drugs and find life-long recovery. Experienced professionals will help you understand the disease of addiction, and address the underlying causes of abuse to promote real, long-term recovery.

Rosecrance Florian Program

This program is for uniformed service personnel and offers the best opportunity for lasting recovery by incorporating occupational factors into the treatment process. Daniel DeGryse, an active-duty Battalion Chief/EMT with more than 27 years of experience at the Chicago Fire Department and 30 years of experience in the field of addiction and mental health, directs the Rosecrance Florian Program.

La Hacienda Treatment Center

Facility that provides treatment for alcohol and chemically dependent individuals and their families.  Recovery is an ongoing process and a strong foundation is built in treatment through working the Twelve Steps; Successful recovery for a chemically dependent patient requires total abstinence from all mood/mind altering chemicals unless competently prescribed; A spiritual experience is the ultimate goal of the treatment/recovery process; Engaging in a spiritual program of action while in treatment and after treatment is the best way to maintain recover.


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