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Choosing who to treat with for your IOJ

When you sustain an IOJ (Injury on the Job) and you need emergency care, you should seek treatment at
any emergency facility for your immediate/urgent medical care needs.
For any follow-up care needed, because the City of Austin (Workers’ Compensation program) does not have
a “Network” of Doctors, you can choose to treat with any Doctor that will accept Workers Comp.
Do your research when choosing your Doctor and make sure he is willing to spend the time with you discussing
Treatment options.

What is Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and impairment rating (IR) and what does it mean?

Generally, MMI is reached when you have recovered as much as you are expected to from your injury/ illness OR it is reached statutorily;  The Texas Workers' Compensation law establishes MMI is reached at 104 weeks from the date that income benefits began to accrue.

If your treating doctor is certified to perform the MMI exam he would do this when he believes you have reached MMI otherwise he can refer you to a doctor that he knows is certified to perform the exam.


Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation assists personnel when they have been injured on the job. Staff ensure that paperwork is filed correctly, follow-up treatment for injuries is received, and that employees get the proper care for those injuries. Working in conjunction with the Safety Office and the Wellness Center, the Workers’ Compensation section helps ensure that personnel receive appropriate medical intervention, resulting in a return to full-duty status as quickly as possible.

About Work Comp

The Workers’ Compensation team provides information and assitance to employees injured in the course of employment. We provide the tools needed to navigate and manage the complex workers' compensation system.

Our Team includes a registered nurse and two very knowledgeable administrators. Customer service is our priority - we are now available seven days a week to accommodate your firefighter schedule.  Please contact the Workers’ Compensation team if you have any questions about an injury on the job.


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