Exercise Library - Foam Rolling

Tight muscles can lead to a myriad of injuries. Massaging with foam roller, and/or lacrosse ball, is an inexpensive way to keep the muscles loose and functioning properly. Foam rollers vary greatly in price but most sporting goods stores have a variety to choose from. The more dense the foam roller the deeper the massage. Lacrosse balls are also found at most sporting goods stores and only cost a few dollars. In this section you will find techniques for massaging common problem areas with both lacrosse balls and foam rollers.

*Photos and descriptions provided by Airrosti

Exercise Library - Cardiovascular

First responders are often required to work in unpredictable and strenuous situations. It is essential they maintain high levels of cardiovascular fitness to perform the duties of the job and maintain optimal health. There are many different modes of cardiovascular fitness. Included in this section are various workouts including swimming, rowing, treadmill, and bodyweight programs.

Exercise Library - Strength

Strength training is an essential element of all fitness programs, and functions to preventing injury, speeding up metabolism, and building lean muscle mass. Access this portal to download a 12-week strength training program, view video tutorials for the major lifts, and view the Truckroom 18 workout schedules.

Exercise Library

The goal of the Austin Public Safety Wellness Center is to provide all sworn first responder personnel with the resources to achieve optimal health. In the Exercise Library you will find workout programs designed by certified exercise physiologists to improve cardiovascular fitness, build total body strength, and prevent/rehabilitate common injuries. There are also videos explaining the proper technique of several of the major strength training movements frequently included in the programming.


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