Chaplain Services

Chaplains serve the spiritual and emotional needs of others through the work of pastoral care. They perform wedding or funeral ceremonies, administer communion, deliver spiritual messages, offer prayer at public meetings, and provide regular counseling. Chaplains also meet the needs of the moment, usually through listening and prayer.

In the event of tragedy, personal crisis, or a season of change, chaplains provide the pastoral care needed to help and support individuals. Consequently, chaplains work in a number of environments where pastoral care is needed.

Fire Chaplains Integral Part of Response Team

The fire service is good at many things. When people dial 911, we respond rapidly, employ expert tactics that extinguish fires, rescue trapped occupants, and salvage personal belongings. We provide emergency medical care and, in some cases, ambulance transport for victims who are critically ill and injured. We are good at providing patient care. We are experts at bringing the emergency room procedures to the streets and living rooms of our communities. We are about serving those who are in need.

Chaplaincy at AFD

The Austin Fire Department Chaplains’ Program formally began in 2013. The Fire Department wanted to develop a program that reflected departmental needs and fire culture. The first group of Chaplains were selected and trained in the spring of 2014.

The Chaplains’ Program is in partnership with the Federation of Fire Chaplains.

Role of a Fire Chaplain

Fire Chaplains are non-denominational and provide faith based aid, comfort, counsel and help to our members of the Fire Department, both civilian and sworn, and their families. Fire Chaplains are available to help our members and their families when they are facing some type of tragedy or difficulty in their personal or professional lives. Fire Chaplains are counselors who may be approached in confidence and must hold information provided to them in confidence

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