What You Need to Know about Fire Fighters in Recovery

Family members and loved ones of fire fighters have one of the most important roles in the fire service - being the support to someone who spends his/her time saving others. It can be both difficult for the support system and the fire fighter, as both sides are dedicated to "rescuing" others from tragedies, including behavioral health issues, which is a common result of repeated trauma exposure. However, with knowledge about resources for support, everyone can feel empowered to help their beloved fire fighter get the help he/she needs to begin their recovery from a substance use or mental health disorder. 

Click here to read more about What You Need to Know as Families of Fire Fighters in Recovery from the IAFF Center of Excellence.


If you, or someone you know, are experiencing difficulties, Peer Support Services are also available for your support! You can also contact Dr. Ebony Butler @ 512-974-5482 or 601-559-7886 or Dr. Marc Kruse @ 512-974-0225 for more assistance.